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This site is owned & managed by Omaha Resident, Dale Abramson

A 25 yr veteran in business development strategy. Dale owned a multi-state consultant practice from 1999-2020 and is currently working on the restructuring of his final client, Boulder Creek Amusement Park in Millard.

Dale is retiring from business development to focus on dreams of R&D.

Dale plans to remain active in the local business community with projects like, LivingOmaha and other like projects.

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About OmahaBirthdays dot com

OmahaBirthdays is wholly owned by Omaha Resident Dale Abramson (Abramson Industries, Inc.) We launched this website because we noticed that even our family always seems to draw a blank when it comes time to plan a birthday party. Where to go, what to do, what to eat - it's always a brainstorming session followed by a shaky game plan and a blown out budget. OmahaBirthdays is an online directory that allows parents, partners or friends to browse everything that's available - find things they didn't know existed, see everyone's pricing all in one place and plan the ideal birthday party for them.

This is our third site. We own and operate Omaha's Unofficial tourism site as well as a local wedding directory.  Both were launched with similar sentiment. Our tourism site was launched in response from years of hearing there's nothing to do in Omaha, followed up by the state actually switching our motto from "The Good Life" to "Not for Everybody" - This is our board of tourism, the people we pay to attract visitors. - Something had to be done.

As for the wedding site - the national company TheKnot had been mistreating local businesses and we wanted to give them an alternative.


Whether you're a current or prospective advertiser, a directory user, prospective vendor or just a looky-loo. Please feel free to reach out to me. I try to stay as accessible as I can.

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